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Wu-Du Primary School is located in Keelung’s Bifu Community, has kept the student-centered concept for years. Broad campus, grassy playground, and surround mountains and beside Keelung River make the school become a learning paradise.

Our perfection is to educate every Wu-Du's student to be capable of living, thinking and solving problems.

Base on this conviction, our objectives are:

The school is the happy-learning land for the students.

  1. Respect presentation presented by different wisdom and value.
  2. Pay attention to the learning and participation for life skill.
  3. Perish mother tongue and domestic culture, express the respect and concern to multiple culture.
  4. Use computer technology effectively, with international view.

The teachers are professional and teach effectively.

  1. Proceed the teachers' study in the school and make teaching more effectively.
  2. Develop cooperative teaching mutually; and the college cooperate to commit teaching assessment.
  3. Establish each teacher's profile, issue teaching study.
  4. Use the teacher's abundant experience, to cooperate with the teacher-fostered institution to proceed Action Research.

The school administration is the support for teaching.

  1. The administration affair is treated with good service.
  2. The administration affair is treated with outstanding effect, for promoting teaching quality.
  3. Authorize and enable the teachers for promoting the administration effect.
  4. Take initiatives to understand the requirement of the students and the teachers.

Parents are good partners for education.

  1. Through parent education, to establish education concept and good communication.
  2. Realizing family education, make this to be the foundation of school education.
  3. Respect Parent association, inspire the parents to participate education.
  4. Unite the community resources, proceed social education, and set educational prospect.

Students are the thoughtful and creative learners.

  1. With basic abilities, thinking effectively, the good citizen with the attitudes of respect and concern .
  2. Take initiatives in learning and study, with the creative ability for life study.
  3. Protect and love the nature, with the character for culture concern.
  4. With democratic character, healthy in body and mind, leaning properly.



Guoyong Chen


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