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Present school status


  • Our School was founded in 1921. Today, there are 52 common classes, 1 resource class, 2 kindergarten classes, 3 classes at night section, and 1753 students, 93 teachers and staff in this school.
  • Land area : 19,473 hectares

School belief


  • Student-centered, the school is in good control of every school activities.
  • Respecting teachers; developing culture and democratic spirit.
  • The school dominates management and leadership, in order to commit the effective management for the whole school .
  • Reinforce the communication and service for the community and parents.  
  • Obey the education policy of the government, to create education prospect mutually .



  • Inspiring reading atmosphere, to establish a reading habit for students.
  • Implement computer and English teaching; the school is centered on science, reinforce on the science subject.
  • Practice the effective, flexible assessment for the proper development of students.
  • Emphasize the feature of each class, focus on the teaching spirit of small class,  and offer multiple learning.
  • Honor system, self-governed activities.
  • Implement Tae-Kwon-Do, volleyball, folk physical activities, traditional Chinese music, recorder.
  • Holding different activities between classes.
  • Practicing "parent education and counseling", to parent education and communication.
  • Leading " Traffic volunteer worker" service "Parents education seminar"、"New students' parents' seminar".
  • Various happy birthday activities, stimulating the friendship between the teachers and students.


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